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Jennifer Aniston Animal Love

Jenifer Aniston Animal Love
Jenifer Aniston like most celebrities has a long story of her affair with pets. She is a devoted dog keeper or rather, lover and to prove it, have several of them at her home in Bel Air. Her favorite pooch is called Dolly. Jenifer adopted Dolly in 2006 as a puppy and seems to regard her as a human considering her recent outspoken plans of having Dolly play a role in a future movie of hers. Prior to adopting Dolly, she had another companion named Norman with who she had lived for fifteen years before the dog’s demise in 2011. Another of the conspicuous personalities in her collection is Sophie.
Jenifer Aniston Dog Love

One of the notable times when she has become outspoken about her affair with dogs was during promotion for her film Marley and Me. Interestingly, the movies theme spins around a couple’s relationship with a pet dog. Speaking of her lot, she says that dogs provide unconditional love and is just sorry that they pass away so soon.
Jenifer Aniston Dog

Beginnings and her breakthrough

Though both of Jennifer Aniston’s parents were actors, their status did not give her a free pass to stardom. She was discouraged from watching TV in her childhood despite her dad’s career but being enthusiastic of the art of acting, she always seemed to find a way around the prohibitions. Her parents split when she was 9 years old. 2 years afterwards, she enrolled at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School which gives special attention to students interested in acting; she joined the drama society.
Jenifer Aniston Goat

Before being cast in Friends, she had appeared in Molly, Ferris Bueller, The Edge and Muddling Through all of which were short-lived TV series.  Warren Littlefield helped her cast for friends which was to debut in 1994. Aniston has played the role of Rachael Green in Friends since then until the series came to an end in 2004. She has also been successful in films citing box office hits such as He Is Not That into You (2009) and Marley and Me (2008).

Awards and accolades

Aniston is one of the few stars to receive a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame probably for the role she played in Friends. In addition, Forbes Magazine placed her 8th on its list of 100 most powerful actresses in the year 2008. Not to cut the list short, she has also appeared severally on People’s annual list of the most beautiful in which topped in the year 2004. Hers is a story of enduring success considered that she is a rare find in celebrity circles who does not have astonishing controversies.
Jenifer Aniston Pet


On July 29, 2000, Aniston married Brad Pitt in a lavish Malibu wedding. They kept close in what was considered a rare Hollywood matrimony success until their separation was made official on October 2, 2005. It is rumored that the reason why Jenifer separated with Pitt was because the later cheated on her with the controversial movie star Angelina Jolie.


Among her notable philanthropic efforts is a $ 500,000 donation to Doctors without Borders. She is also a supporter of Friends of El Faro which is a non-profit organization which helps raise money for an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico.
Jenifer Aniston Pups

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