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Rupert Grint Animal Love

When micro pigs replaced teacup sized dogs as the preferred pet for celebrities, one of them who made a purchase is Rupert Grint. It is not known whether the Harry Potter star made the $ 1,100 just to fall in the crew but it is rumored that his purchase did not go as it was supposed to. As the name suggests, micro pigs are not supposed to grow big under any circumstances. In 2010, Rupert Grint reported that he was having trouble with his which was growing bigger and bigger so that it even had to live outside. Another thing with micro pigs is that they are intelligent and therefore capable of establishing a relationship with human beings; Grint reported that if his was capable of that feat, it had not yet unveiled its potential.

Rupert Grint Animal Love


Rupert Grint is one of the stars who had his breakthrough very early in life. Prior to being cast as Ron Wesley for the Harry Potter film series, he had only acted in school plays at his local theatre group. His breakthrough came at the age of 11 and from 2001 to 2011; he starred in all eight Harry Potter films together with Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson. Apart from Harry Potter, he has also played roles in such films like Thunderpants and Cherrybomb. His first film after the Harry Potter series was terminated in 2012 is Into the White where he plays a supporting role.

Rupert Grint Owl

Unlike many in his ilk, Rupert Grint did not have parents in the entertainment industry to inspire him. His mother Joanne Grint is a housewife while his father Nigel Grint is a memorabilia dealer. Rupert took a profound interest in theatre while attending St Joseph’s Primary School in Hertford. As young as he was, he began performing in school productions and did not hesitate to join the Top Hat Stage and Screen School.

In 2000, casting began for the film adaptation of the Harry Potter book series. Grint had about it and decided to audition for the role of Ron Wesley who in the book series is Harry Potter’s best friend at the wizard school Hogwarts. He sent a video of himself to the casting team and was successful with this first try as he was invited for a meeting.


Awards and accolades

Although Harry Potter was already popular by the time its film adaptation was made, the efforts of Grint and his two co-stars made the first film, The Philosopher’s Stone a hit which grossed $ 974 million in its theatrical run. Apart from its financial success, it received critical acclaim although some critics felt that being too rigid to the book ruined it a little bit. For his role in this first release, Grint won a Satellite Award for Outstanding New Talent and a Young Artist Award for the category of Most Promising Young Newcomer.

Rupert Grint Pig

Outside his acting, Grint donates to charity and supports causes like Little Star Award and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

Rupert Grint Small Pig

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