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Tori Spelling Animals Love

Tori Spelling Animal Love

Tori Spelling is definitely an animal lover who like variety. She and her husband Dean McDermott have several pets although her favorite is a got in the name of Totes McGoat. Noting her affection for the first one, her husband purchased a second one for her. Although there were already several animals before their lastborn came, Spelling reports that she was thrilled by the addition and is happy that Totes her favorite will now have a playmate. Another pet of theirs worth noting is Hank the pig; they love Hank so much that they sleep in the same bed.

Career and achievements

Tori Spelling Animals

Tori is both an established author and actress. Her career as an actress must have been inspired by her father Aaron spelling who was himself a film producer; actually, it was her dad who taught her how to act from the age of 6. In her childhood, she was given acting assignments on such shows like The Love Boat, Hotel, Fantasy Island and Saved by the Bell. Her breakthrough into stardom came at the age of seventeen when she played the role of Donna Martin on 90210. She portrayed Donnas Character for all seven seasons of the show. In addition, she has appeared in several films noting A Friend to Die For, Trick and the House of Yes.
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She and her husband McDermott have also been the main characters in a reality show Tori and Dean: Inn Love where they pretend to purchase and run a bed and breakfast hotel in California. However, in the second season of the reality show, the couple abandons the Inn storyline and goes back to back to Las Vegas where they are trying to buy a home.

Her Books

Tori has also been a successful author. Her Biography Stori telling has been on top of the New York Times Best Seller list in addition to being named the best Autobiography from a celebrity in the year 2009. Some of the other books she has authored include Mommywood, Uncharted Territory and Spelling It like It Is. Speaking of her books, she said that she loves sharing her experiences with people and even more, connecting to them through humor.


Tori Spelling Dog

Spelling’s first marriage was to Charlie Shanian who is an actor and playwright. Their July 2004 wedding cost 1 million dollars although the divorced just one year later in October of 2005. Less than a month later after their legal separation with Shanian, she married Dean McDermott with whom they have since been together. The couple has four children; they are Liam, Stella, Hattie and Finn in the order of their births.

Financial Difficulties

Tori Spelling Goat
It is rare for a celebrity to admit that they are having financial difficulties. Spelling came clean about her woes in her book, Spelling It like It Is. She says that with her husband Dean, they have made bad real estate decisions along the way in addition to a fourth child who has made things even worse with regards to financial stability. No one knows if she was joking but the star admitted that she has not bought a new purse in three years.

Tori Spelling Puppy

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